Thursday, August 4, 2011

A month has passed...

...and I haven't written a post!  Sorry for all the hold up, but it is really difficult to keep this thing up when you don't have regular access to the web anymore.  Anyway, a lot has happened since my last post and here is a quick break down. 

- I've sweated prefusly running up and down the hellaciously technical trails of Hanging Rock State Park and continued to get more of a tan working at the lake
- I went on a road trip out west for two weeks (helped pace and crew Mike Mason at Hardrock 100)
- Running suffered during the road trip and it was hard to get motivated when I got back because of 95+ temps with near 100% humidity everday, so two weeks with little to no running
- Finally got motivated again and will be attempting first true long run of the summer since RAM this weekend

Well obviously, the road trip is the highlight of the above mentioned list, but there is so much to share and remember to write down that I might be here for hours and would probably soon get so sick of typing a blog that I will never do it again.  I don't want that and maybe you don't either (doubt it, haha).  Anyway, you can check out pics from the trip here by following these links below.  Sorry there isn't more to this post, but maybe I'll have more to share from this weekends adventure next week.

Out West Road Trip '11
Hardrock 2011
Stephen's Rd Trip Photos
Daniel's Out West Photos I
Daniel's Out West Photos II