Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring Has Arrived to the Upper Reaches of WNC!

Over the past few weeks, I've been able to get out on some excellent adventures.  I revisited the Little Hump Fitness Challenge with some friends and extended it to the first ever Hump-D-Hump Challenge.  Although speed wasn't the goal that day.  Hannah, Tom, Michael and I had an excellent jaunt up to the summit of Table Rock starting at the base of Steeles Creek Trail, which offered up high humidity, warm temps, and the feeling that summer was upon us.  Then this weekend, I explored new trails up and down to the Black Mountain Crest, where I was greeted with a dusting of snow and purple trillium's side by side.  Man, this Spring has been a bit whacky, but my vote is for the cooler temperatures to last a little while longer (like the rest of the year).  Enjoy the photos taken from these runs below.

Hump-D-Hump Run w/ Phyllis, Jose, Jody, and Tom.  Route: OVT, AT, side trail to Big Yellow, AT to Hump, back the way we came.

Table Rock Run w/ Hannah, Tom, and Michael.  Route:  Out and back on the MST from the bottom of Steeles Creek.

Colbert's Black Horse Loop w/ me, myself, and I.  Route:  Colbert's, Crest, MST, Buncombe Horse Range