Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A little video for your viewing pleasure

I had a really great week of running last week! I got to explore some more technical and tough singe-track in the Uwharrie Mountain region of the Piedmont and head out to some of the very places that got me loving trail running. One of these places is highlighted in this video I made. It is Southwest Park, the newest member of the Guilford County Park system that borders Randleman Lake. The trails aren't the greatest in the world, but it does have a lot of up and down and can be a bit of a challenge at times. Still nothing compared to the Boone area, but the Park has a nice, very natural vibe. Hope you enjoy the video!


  1. Brandon,

    Nice vid. We'll have to hook up for a run next time we're both in the Piedmont. Good to see someone else with some mad-A cinematography:


  2. thanks Matt. do you have any plans for next week, because i'm heading back up to boone if you want to join me on a 10 mile excursion on the trails of your choosing?