Friday, April 22, 2011

Plans for the Future

My last "real" semester as a student at Appalachian State University is drawing to an end and because of this I have limited time to squeeze as much high country running in as I can before I start my summer job at Hanging Rock State Park at the end of May.  So this post will be covering the planned adventures I have for the next month.  But before I move into that, I would like to tell you that the new headline picture for my blog was taken last weekend on a run in the beautiful Grayson Highlands of Virginia.  Hannah and I went out for a leisurely run/hike/ford circumnavigating Mt. Rogers.  To look at more pictures taken on this run, follow this link and also check out the garmin data of the run here:  Mt Rogers Circumnavigate

Ok, now on to the main premise of this post in bullet form!

- I have to get in at least two more attempts on the Little Hump & Elk Knob Double Summit Fitness Challenges

- Got to head down Asheville way to get some runs in near Shining Rock and maybe do some camping.  Hanging out with the Hill's is mandatory when heading down that way as well

-  Run the May Mountain Mama's Half-Marathon with WNC Trail Runner May 14th

-  Hike up to the top of Rich Mtn Bald (near Boone), catch the sunset over the Roans, Beech, Grandfather, Unaka, and the Blacks, camp out for the night, wake up to a beautiful sunrise over Elk Knob and the Blue Ridge.  Should have some good company for this as well.

- I will be running the ~45 mile AT/Iron Mtn Trail loop out of Damascus on May 21st as my last hooray before I have to move out of my Boone lease and start my summer job the following weekend!  The good folks of Iron Mountain Trail Runner may be joining me and hopefully I can get some WNC Trail Runners to show up as well. 

-  Plan for my "Heading West" road trip! (to be taken at the end of July)

- Just thoroughly enjoy my short summer break!

This is pretty much what I want to accomplish while on my ~20 something day break.  My summer job should be a blast as well though.  I will be living inside one of the coolest state parks in North Carolina, running up a mountain most mornings, and lifeguarding at the lake during the day.  My place in the park is 100 yds from the MST!  Plus, I will only be 40 minutes from Hannah in Winston and and hour and 15 minutes from home.  This is looking to be a great summer before the real world of career sets in.
View of Hanging Rock

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