Monday, June 4, 2012

RAMtastic Week XXII

Mon - 1hr/ 7m/ 600' - Monbo Trail - A sticky, hot run in LNSP.  My body felt horrible gastrointestinally and it was kind of a struggle to keep running but I did and promptly felt worse afterward.  Nothing a jump in the lake and some Maalox can't fix I guess.

Tues - 75min/ 7.5m/ 2200' - South Mountains - Since the days have grown longer and it had rained much of the day, keeping the temperatures relatively low, but still quite humid, I decided to drive a little extra today to go get a run in at South Mountains State Park.  The route today was: H.Q., Possum, Horseridge, Sawtooth, Chestnut Knob.  The rain held off and the sun poked out briefly to reveal some beautiful views of the Jacob Fork River Gorge.  The park isn't too far from my house, considering how far I have to drive to get anywhere else to run around here, so I might make it a bi-weekly affair from now on to visit the state's largest park.  

Wed - 0hr

Thurs - 28min/ 3m/ 400' - Lake Shore Trail - Had a really bad headache so I decided to cut this planned short run, short.

Fri - 0hr - Traveling and camping at Roan Mountain State Park in preparation of RAM tomorrow

Sat - 5hr58min/ ~30m/ 7500' - RAM - Wow!  Special report on this one coming later in the week!

Sun - 0hr

Totals =

Time - 8hrs41min
Distance - 47.5m
Vert - 10,700'

The week leading up to RAM was not the greatest in the world but it sure worked out once Saturday rolled around!  What you will want to read is coming soon!

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  1. We rammin' we rammin we rammin, I hope you like rammin' too. Good stuff, brotherman