Sunday, September 8, 2013

Peak to Creek Training Week 3

Mon - off

Tues - 41min/ 3.6m/ 1000' - SOMO - Went out to attempt a 9 miler with a long downhill to work on some turnover, but the achilles was like "uh, NO!"  Therefore I turned back early and took it home to not further an injury that may be occurring.  Soaked in the river for a few minutes as well in hopes the cold water would help.

Wed - off - XC meet took up almost all of my evening.  At least we won!

Thurs - 43min/ 4.9m/ 500' - DART - Got some new shoes in the mail specifically for work, but thought "hey, lets go run in these minimus zero trails with a bum achilles.  That sounds like a great idea!"  So as both my calves were now screaming at me saying, "You #*@$ing idiot!" I turned back a bit short as to try and not push it anymore and walked a bit.  Wow, am I dumb.

Fri - 34min/ 3.2m/ 200' - Latta - Another nice a mellow run with the XC kids.  I wore a proper pair of shoes today and my achilles thanked me.

Sat - 3hr30min/ 17m/ 3700' - Tour de Doughton - Meet up with Phyllis and Allen for this beautiful loop in Doughton Park north of Wilkesboro.  We couldn't have picked a better morning to run, as the temps started around 60 and never got hotter than 75.  Fall is definitely back in the air in the mountains at least.  I have done this loop once before a few years back, but I forgot how gorgeous it actually is.  Phyllis and I kept it relaxed most of the day, dodged and ran into a ton of spider webs, and I properly got smoked on the climb back up to the car.  Dang, Phyllis can climb and make it look easy.  I should definitely get out there more often.  Even with that big loop, there is still about an extra 15 miles of trail in the park that I've yet to set foot on.

Sun - 1hr45min/ 10.6m/ 1000' - Grey Rd/ Fisher Farm - Met up with Dave this morning to get in 10 miles and to catch up on some lost training due to the achilles issue this week.  I started out feeling ok, but by the time we hit the trails in Fisher Farm, my body started to give out.  I had zero energy left and the hills of Abersham and Grey Rd were killing me.  I ended up walking quite a bit, but still made it through for a very slow run.  Was thankful that Dave stayed back with me despite my slow pace today.

Total =

Time - 7hrs13min
Miles - 39.3
Vert - 6400'

Well, running 50 miles last week really bit me in the butt.  I did too much, too soon and paid the price this week.  Luckily, my body and achilles had recovered enough to still make it out to Doughton Park for a beautiful run. Hopefully the body has adjusted now to higher mileage and I can get back to strictly following my training plan.  Pics of the Doughton Park run below.

The start
Photo:  Phyllis Tsang

One of many of my spider web shields
Photo:  Phyllis Tsang

Running down Bluff Mtn
Photo:  Phyllis Tsang

Tree at the top of the mtn
Photo:  Phyllis Tsang

Beautiful bald on top of Bluff Mtn
Photo:  Phyllis Tsang

Phyllis cruising on the MST
Photo: Me

Talkin' with the ranger at Brinegar Cabin
Photo:  Phyllis Tsang

The climb up Flat Rock Trail
Photo:  Phyllis Tsang

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  1. Hey Brandon,
    Maybe you remember me from Linville Madness. I've been training for Peak to Creek as well. Glad to see you'll be there. Looks like such a fun course. Best of luck healing and training!