Sunday, January 12, 2014

Leatherwood Training Week II

Mon - Xtrain

Tues - 67min/ 7.8m/ 1000' - Hickory City Park - Just the usual at a relaxed pace in 20 degree weather.  Good times always on those trails.

Wed - 77min/ 7.8/ 1600' - SOMO - After checking out an amazing frozen High Shoals Falls, I then began running two minute trail intervals along my chosen route of the day which was High Shoals, Upper Falls, Raven Rock, Saddleback, Turkey Ridge, Little River.  The workout was great and I felt good about it.

Thurs - 48min/ 6.3m/ 600' - DART - I finally made it back out to the Wolf Spider run with DART this week.  With school obligations and the Holidays, I just wasn't able to get out there in almost 2 months.  It was good to catch up with many of the guys Thursday.

Fri - off

Sat - 3hrs30min/ 13.5m/ 3000' - Tanawha - What a day.  Drove up through the rain to meet the dwindled down list of runners (once 13, now 5) and the rain just got heavier with thunderstorms predicted in the next couple of hours.  I made the call, since everyone was planning on just doing the half, to postpone the run for 2 hours and start then.  At noon we stepped out into the rain, although the radar looked like it was about to pass, and began our swim, I mean run.  With the recent hard freeze and thaw, coupled with the heavy rain the trail was a soppy mess.  The rain and clouds did lift eventually and by the end of the day, we were rewarded with excellent views from Rough Ridge and Beacon Heights.  A great run, with great friends.

Sun - 88min/ 9m/ 1600' - Hilton & City Park - Felt terrible.  But pushed through for an hour and a half.  Needed more miles, but the Panthers were playing at 1pm!  Can't miss that!

Totals =

Time - 8hrs10min
Miles - 44.4
Vert - 7,800'

Good week of training, although was supposed to run 20 miles on Saturday.  That didn't work out, but I was on my feet for a 20 mile effort, so not bad.

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