Sunday, February 16, 2014

Leatherwood Training Weeks VI & VII

Week VI

Mon - 30min/ 1m/ 300' - Disc Golf - just kinda shuffled today

Tues - off - feeling lethargic

Wed - 62min/ 7.6m/ 1000' - Hickory City Park - normal run on the local trail

Thurs - 47min/ 6.3m/ 600 - DART - Another great run with the DART crew

Fri - 26min/ 3m/ 100' - Heritage Greenway - Shakeout run for tomorrow's 50k race.

Sat - 3hrs20min/ 21.5m/ 1700' - Mill Stone 50k - Well, my day didn't go as well as planned.  Some head games and a tight hamstring led me to pulling out of the race after 2 laps.  The race was extremely well organized and I would highly recommend this 50k if you wanting a 50k pr.  The course is fairly flat and all trail other than a bit of gravel at the beginning.  Excellent race management as well.

Sun - off - Was going to try and run, but just wasn't feeling it.  Yesterday's lows still stuck in my head I guess.

Totals =

Time - 6hrs5min
Miles - 39.4
Vert - 3700'

Week VII

Mon - off

Tues - 2hrs30min/ 11m/ 2400' - Big Lost Cove Cliffs & Little Lost Cove Falls - Due to snow, school got let out 3hrs early so I made my way up to the high country to try and find Little Lost Cove Falls.  Upon arriving there was a slick 1 inch of snow coating the roads and trails.  This made for some difficult footing, but things weren't too bad.  I made it over to Big Lost Cove Cliffs fairly quickly but was awarded with no views.  I quickly made my way down to the 464a using a side trail from the cliffs and then began my search for the falls.  I breezed by the side trail and had to retrace my steps.  Went down a wrong trial first, but eventually found the actual "trail" down to the falls.  I slid down the trail to the bottom of the lower falls and was very impressed.  I hung around the falls a bit and then started my trip back to the car using Pineola Rd.  Beautiful run!

Wed - 60min/ 7.3m/ 1000' - Hickory City Park - Great run before the snow storm hit.

Thurs - 55min/ 5.5m/ 600' - Secret Trail Snow Run - Woke up to some heavy snow still falling, so I took off.  Got on some of the secret trails near the house to run through 7 inches of snow and big heavy flakes still falling.  Great run!

Fri - off

Sat - 55min/ 5.5m/ 700' - Boone Greenway - Hannah, Tom, and I headed up to the high country for some XC skiing, but things didn't pan out due to the lack of rentals.  Instead we scrambled for ideas and ended up just settling for a snowy and windy run of the Boone Fork Greenway.

Sun - 2hrs50min/ 14m/ 3200' - SOMO - Tom and I headed out to SOMO to try and dodge some snow, but we ran in it all day for the most part.  It wasn't bad though, and we had a great run out there.  Views were great.

Totals =

Time - 8hrs10min
Miles - 43.3
Vert - 7,950'

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