Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sep. 13-19th Week in Review

So the week started out with Monday and Tuesday off due to work, but by Wednesday the itch to get out and run was strong so I decided to do a nice little 5.5 mile run on the Boone Fork Trail. It had been awhile since I had ran this, and I definitely wasn't used to it. This trail was a bit more technical than I remember. Any way here is a look at it: Boone Fork Trail Run.

Thursday saw my first attempt to run up Howard's Knob. It was pretty awesome and I actually enjoyed the heart pounding, calve killing ascent and did not enjoy the quad torture of the descent. The elevation gain in the two miles up is 12oo ft. Pretty brutal but tolerable.

Saturday definitely saw the highlight of the week running the Kitsuma Kookout Challenge with the good folks from WNC Trail Runner. The Youngs Ridge/Kitsuma trail had been pretty much demolished in the last week and was a bit hairy to run on. It was like running in sand up a mountain. I wasn't completely satisfied with my time because I know I could have run more of the trail if I would have pushed myself a little harder. I just walked to many of the hills. Check out the run: What was great about the run was the potluck afterward. I got to meet some really cool people and enjoyed some delicious food and beer (thanks Adam and Matt).

To end the week I went on a pleasant recovery run with my beautiful girlfriend Hannah along the trails around the Boone Greenway. It was a perfect end to a perfect week of running.

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