Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

I think that it is finally time for me to join the bandwagon and give you a play by play of what I've done each day of the week.  One reason for this is that I have set myself a New Year's resolution to at least (bare minimum) log 8 hours on my feet a week for the whole year.  Be that in running (mostly) or hiking (only if I am injured or on a backpacking trip).  Hopefully sharing this with the masses will help keep me on track throughout the year on this goal.  Last week a managed 9 hours on my feet and was quite happy with that and now I will share you this weeks log, or log-o-rhythm (ala Grand Kirk).

Monday - 0hrs - Well deserved rest after last weekend's fun.

Tuesday - 1:15/ 9m/ 400' - Latta Plantation - this is one of my favorite places to run in the Charlotte area.  Took it pretty easy for the first 4 miles then opened it up for the next 3.  Last 2 were easy.

Wednesday - 0hrs - Went to see Anton Krupicka give a presentation/Q&A at Run For Your Life.  Pretty cool experience getting to talk to some new people and of course "Trail Running Jesus" himself!

Thursday - 1:35/ 8.5m/1600' - Little Mtn - Two repeats w/Hannah on the local mountain (hill).  This has been a pleasant surprise.  There is only about a 3/4 mile of pavement on one repeat and the rest is trail on top of this local gem.  One out is about 2 -2.5m depending on the route you take.  I'm pretty sure it is private property though but I haven't been kicked off it yet.  This place will become a weekly run for sure!  There are technical pitches at 30% grade for half a mile on the backside of the mountain.  Pretty stout place to train for a run like Linville!

Friday - 1:00/ 7.5m/ 1000'+ - Bakers Mountain Park - Got out there pretty late so I had to push the pace on my planned 6 mile route on the trails at this sweet NC foothills park.  Did 45 min on the first 6 miles.  I felt really good today.  Squeezed in another 15 min and 1.5 miles to cool down after realizing a had a bit of daylight left.  This will become another weekly regular.

Saturday - 2:20/ 12.5m?/ 2500'? - Uwharrie Trail - Headed back home to visit the family and pick up my new pair of NB MT110 and couldn't think of a better place to put them to the test than Uwharrie.  Super technical trail, stream crossings, and a surprising amount of vert for the piedmont.  The views today were the best I had ever seen in Uwharrie and somewhat reminded me of distant views of the Blue Ridge.  Shoes performed well!

Sunday - 1:50/ 12m/ 600' - abrieviated Triple Lakes Half course - Coaxed my cousin on his 20th birthday to come out and join me for a 12 miler on his favorite trails.  He hasn't ran over 4 miles in like 3 months and absolutley hung with me and out sprinted me on the last half mile of this run.  Dude is a beast!  I wish he would train harder and come out an join us WNC guys for some runs.  I didn't feel particulary well until the last 3 miles which were practically in the dark.  Good way to end the running week for sure.

Totals =
49.5 m
6100' gain

Definitely not a bad week of running.  Can't wait for next weekend's running of the Sultan 50k though.  Funny how that one run will have the same vert as this entire week.  Can't wait!!!!


  1. Good work, Brandon. I'm glad you have some quality local climbs. Keep it up!

  2. Hey I run at Latta from time to time as well. Give me a shout when you are running there!