Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sultonic Week III

Mon - 0hr - Started to feel a cold coming on after Sunday nights run, so I took Monday off and rested

Tues - 36min/ 4m/ 200' - Fisher Farm Park - Still feeling cold like symptoms and thought a run might help, but I think it did the opposite.  Could barely breath and it obviously took me awhile to run.

Wed - 0hr - Yesterday's run was indicative enough in telling to take it easy and bust this cold by not running and chugging a full 40oz of V-8 Fusion Juice.  It did the trick

Thur - 65min/ 7.1m/ 600' - Fisher Farm Park - Felt ten times better today, even though I can tell I'm not completely rid of this cold quite yet.  Great run on some beautiful mb trails/xc trails.  Nice park in Davidson, NC.

Fri - 0hr - I don't feel any worse than yesterday, but I didn't want to take any risk of regressing with a planned 33 mile Sultan B-Day run scheduled tomorrow.  I've been looking forward to this one since last year's running!

Sat - 6hr29min/ 33m/ 6200' - Sultan 50k - What a wet day!  I had ambitions of going sub 6 hours on this run and I really think I can, but it just didn't happen today.  After pretty much running the entire out portion of the run, coming back was a different story.  My legs were stiff as a board and running downhill was becoming a chore.  Maybe it was the hard surface (gravel/jeep rd) and the steady cadence that I wasn't used to that made my legs want to stop moving in a running motion.  It was still a great day running with the WNC crew and celebrating Sultan's b-day in appropriate fashion.  Had fun catching up with Dennis and Jose most of the day and a big thanks goes to Lily for offering me her rain jacket at the turnaround, where I was contemplating quitting because I was freezing cold and completely drenched.

Sun - 25min/ 3.1m/ ~nothing' - Davidson - Nice little shakeout run through the beautiful town of Davidson.  Legs really seemed to loosen up on the run after yesterday's overall stiffness lingered into today.  These runs are hard to get out and do after a hard day like yesterday, but they do wonders in helping rid soreness and stiffness from the legs.  Glad I stepped out the door.

Totals =
8.6 hrs
47.2 miles
7000' of gain

Being sick pretty much killed my week day runs, but I'm glad I was over the cold by Saturday to participate in the Sultan 50k.  I still managed to get in my 8hrs for the week despite being sick, even though it pretty much came all in one big chunk.  Huge thanks to Sultan for putting this phenomenal run on through the South Mountains and to his wife and two sons, as well as all others who volunteered at the turnaround, taking good care of us by filling our bottles and feeding us delicious red velvet cake!  And as always, a big thanks goes out to the Hill family for putting Hannah and I up for the night in Asheville.  Making it out that way would be a lot more difficult without the kindness they show to me on an almost bi-monthly basis.  Happy trails!

Pics below by Charlie Roberts

Hannah having a blast in the rain

Den & I slogging up one of many steep climbs

Almost Cascades looking


The Sultan 50k Crew

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