Sunday, February 12, 2012

A High Windy Week VI

Mon - 0hr - rest

Tues - 45min/ 4.6m/ 1000' - Little Mtn - easy effort

Wed - 85min/ 10.8m/ 1000' - Fisher Farm Park - easy effort on the typical 6 mile route with 4 hard hill repeats in the middle, each repeat about about 1.2 miles with 100ft of gain

Thurs - 60min/ 7m/ 400' - Latta Plantation - easy run

Fri - 55min/ 3m/ 1000' - Bakers Mtn - feeling pretty weak and thought it would be nice to go on a hike with my beautiful girlfriend.  Loved every second of hiking a route I usually run.

Sat - 2h12min/ 12.5m/ 2600' - High Top/ High Windy - crazy cold, super windy, and snowy run/ scramble up to the top of the High Top and High Windy peaks of the Swannanoa Mountains with Mad A and Ryan.  So a couple weeks ago I said that the Cabin Trail in the Linville Gorge was the steepest sustain climb I had ever been up.  Scratch that, the trail to High Top actually is.  It pretty much is a class 4 scramble the entire way! 

Sun - A.M. - 82 min/ 9m/ 1000' - Black Mtn Quarry - Running around the Black Mountain Quarry with Mad A on a frigid February morning (15 degress with a -4 windchill).  Nice easy effort run that was mostly flat other than the big 800' climb in the middle.

          P.M. - 26min/ 3m/ 100' - Davidson - shakeout run with my gorgeous lady

Totals =

Time - 8hrs7min
Miles - 49.9
Vert - 7100'

Another great week of running, but I am feeling a little worn out at the end of this week which may be due to what seems like another oncoming cold.  Hopefully I want get sick again.  The highlight of this week was definitely the High Top/ High Windy Loop I did on Saturday.  This run definitely goes down as the funnest run of the year so far.  Temps were in single digits and wind chills were in the negatives.  Snow was falling at near white out conditions on top of the ridge and I scrambled my way up a trail that would have been wiser to do in sunny a dry conditions.  Not freezing and snowing.  Either way, it was a jovial experience and it epitomizes why I run in the mountains.   Just pure mountain bliss with a couple of like minded friends on a day that most would have stayed inside and watched a movie.   I LOVE MOUNTAIN RUNS!!!!!!

By the way, check out Matt's blog about his RAM adventure the same day.  Makes our run look like a walk in the park.  Well, condition wise.

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