Monday, February 27, 2012

Feeling Strong in Week VIII

Mon - 55min/ 6.5m/ 600' - Fisher Farm Park - easy run after resting yesterday from the weekends fun.  Felt good.

Tues - 61min/ 7m/ 1500' - Crowders Mtn St Park - got there pretty late and turned a planned easy run into a tempo style effort to make it out of the park before the gates locked me in.  Went Turnback, to Pinnacle, up to King's summit, Ridgeline out to first rd crossing, and back.  Finished with a couple of loops around the parking lot to get the extra 4 minutes to reach an hour of running.

Wed - 50min/ 5m/ 500' - Lake Norman St Park - legs were completely dead after yesterdays hard effort.  Orginal plan was to do all 9.5 miles of the Laurel trail, but decided to cut it in half to not get locked in the park.  Can't wait for the parks to stay open until 7 next week.  No more rushing to squeeze a run in.

Thurs - 60min/ 4m/ 200' - Latta Plantation - was planning to run for an hour, but I forgot my running cloths and instead Hannah said she would hike with me for an hour.  After yesterday's dead legs, I really wasn't complaining and I really enjoy these hikes with my beautiful lady.

Fri - 55min/ 6.5m/ 1500' - Bakers Mtn Park - squeezed in a solid effort on the Bakers Dozen loop.  Pushed the ups, but stayed conservative on the flats and downhills, although it is hard not to go into full Killian mode running down the trails out here.  Love this small little park!

Sat - 3h10min/ 17m/ 2500' - Uwharrie - out and back of the first 8.5 miles of the Uwharrie 40.  Got Stephen to join me on this beautiful day that provided views once more in the land I had never seen them in before.  We could actually see Charlotte's skyline from the summit of Dark Mt.

Sun - 52min/ 6.5m/ 200' - Hagen Stone Park - returning to the sight of my first ever trail run on the beautiful XC trails of this little park near Greensboro.

Totals =

Time - 8hrs43min
Miles - 52.5
Vert - 7000'

I felt really good this week after Rattle My Heart and had good runs throughout the week.  I felt really strong all week besides on Wednesday after my impromptu tempo effort out at Crowders the day before.  I spent another awesome day in Uwharrie and I am so glad that I have this place close to my childhood home.  I can still get vert in, which is very nice.  Unfortunately this week though, I missed out on a second exploration of the Grand Loop in the gorge with the Grand Kirk.  It looks like he had an awesome day out there and has the confusing northern section dialed in.  Also congratulations to Scott Williams, Paul Scouten, and Tim Weed for placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at this year's Mt Mitchell Challenge.  Sultan put up a solid PR time out there as well.  Another congrats goes out to Mark Lundblad as well for setting a new FKT on the 77 mile Foothills trail this weekend.  WNC Trailrunner was well represented this weekend.

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  1. Sweet week dude! Glad you're feeling strong! You'll pummel the Sister's this year for sure