Sunday, March 4, 2012

Up Through the Woods Week IX

Mon - 0hr - rest day

Tues - 45min/ 5m/ 400' - Laurel Loop - Was going for the full 10 miles of this trail, but my toe caught a root, well really a little overhanging stump and I thought I may have broken my middle toe.  The pain was getting worse as I ran longer so I decided to cut it short and was pretty mad about.

Wed - 62min/ 7m/ 800' - Lake Shore Trail - Came back to the park to test the toe and I'm glad to say that it isn't broken.  Just bruised the toenail.  This trail was awesome and was similar to Uwharrie.  A bunch of steep climbs one after the other.  It will wear you out!

Thurs - 73min/ 7.5m/ 1500' - Crowders Mt St Pk - lolly pop loop up and over Crowders Mt and back again. Rocktop trail is steep and gnarly!

Fri - 1hr/ 3m/ 1000' - Bakers Mt - A nice little recovery hike with Hannah.  Legs were not feeling another big mountain run the day before a really big mountain run.

Sat - 4hr53min/ 24m/ 6000' - MST - up to Woods Mtn out and back, then out and back to the North Fork of the Catawba river.  Actually supposed to go the the top of Bald Knob and back.  More on this run below.

Woods outnback

Bald outnback

Sun - 0hr - resting after the cold symptoms of yesterday

Totals =

Time - 8.9hrs
Miles - 46.5
Vert - 9700'

Saturday's run was originally supposed to be an initial attempt at the Grand Loop with Matt, but since the weather was looking less than ideal we decided to run something a bit more tame.  The plan had now changed to running out and back to Woods Mtn and then an out and back to Bald Knob.  The first out and back was great and the climb up to Woods was beautiful with views of the Blacks to the west.   Everything felt pretty well  after finished the first out and back and I was ready to tackle the scenic summit of Bald Knob.  About a mile into this section I was getting dropped often by Matt and my body was beginning to feel odd.  I had woken up in the morning with a stuffy nose, but didn't think much about it.  Now my joints were beginning to get real achy in a weird way.  I made it to the Catawba River and realized that I probably didn't have another 9-10 miles left in me.  I told Matt and we decided to walk a bit and see if I began to feel any better.  After a little less than a mile of walking I threw in the towel and told Matt to head on without me and I would walk/shuffle back to the car 5 miles away.  Even though I missed out on the summit of Bald Knob, I still had a very good run with a lot of elevation gain.  I did miss out on getting my marathon or more run in for the month, but two weeks from now a double Seven Sisters Summit Run seems like a good choice.  I might be making a trip back to Marion next week to hit up an out and back to Bald Knob.  Happy trails!

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