Sunday, March 18, 2012

Those Mean Sisters Week XI

Mon - 0hr - rest

Tues - 65min/ 7.5m / 700' - Fisher Farm - first run in a spring rain this year.  Felt good and took the Haitori's on there first trail run.  Surprisingly they did well, although my calves felt it.

Wed - 1hr50min/ 10m/ 2000' - Crowders Mt St Pk - super relaxed effort on the trails. Once I was done, I hadn't even felt like I had ran.  Which is a good thing a suppose.

Thurs - 62min/ 7.5m/ 500' - Hawk Loop - felt pretty sluggish today, and it took awhile for my muscles to loosen up.  Guess I am feeling yesterday's run after all, albeit a day later. haha

Fri - 0hr - driving to Asheville so no time to run

Sat - 2hr50min56sec/ 15m/ 4000' - Seven Sisters Summit Run - Set a PR!!!!  From the start I new I was going to break 3 hours on this beast.  My goal was to go 2:50 or better so, I guess you can say I did more or less.  I could have been several minutes quicker, but I was having some weird issues with my heart rate getting jacked on the climbs later in the run.  I think this came from a combination of the altitude, fatigue, heat, and taking two espresso gels!  Next time I'll stay away from the caffeine in runs with a lot of climbing.

Sun - 1hr46min/ 10.5m/ 2200' -  Bent Creek - beautiful loop in the experimental forest.  route was: explorer, chestnut cove, FS 479m, sleepy gap, mst, FS 479, lower sidehill, sidehill connector.  It was a bit humid, but other than that it was gorgeous.

Totals =

Time - 8hr33min
Miles - 50.5
Vert - 9400'

I had some really good runs this week and my PR at SSSR definitely shows how much I have improved since this point last year.  I shaved 18 minutes off of last year's time!  Granted I was having a pretty crappy day when I ran this run last year, but there is no way I would have went that low.  And what is even greater about this PR, is that I feel like I could definitely go lower on this amazingly beautiful, steep, and technical loop.  Hate that Mad A wasn't able to make it out this year.  Sunday's run was phenomenal and I felt surprisingly well after Saturday's super hard effort.  So glad I get to get up to Asheville so often.  Hopefully I will be a resident there one day.

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