Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Um, This is Your Pilot" Week X

Mon - 0hr - rest

Tues - 1hr/ 7.3m/ 800' - Lake Shore Trail - moderately hard effort on a sweet, sweet trail

Wed - 1hr/ 7.3m/ 800' - Lake Shore Trail - another moderately hard effort with Jon.  Actually it was more like moderate, easy, then really hard effort throughout the run

Thurs - 1hr/ 6.5/ 600' - Fisher Farm - felling pretty weak on this run.  finished with a half a mile barefoot.  Haven't done any of that in a long time.

Fri - 75min/ 7.5m/ 1800' - Bakers Mtn - typical Bakers Dozen loop with some exploration on the private property side of the mountain.

Sat - 70min/ 7.5m/ 500' - Hawk Loop - easy effort out at LNSP in the morning.  Looking forward to my Pilot Mtn run tomorrow!

Sun - 2hr49min/ 17m/ 3000' - Pilot Mtn St Pk - Beautiful day on a sweet foothills peak.  A pretty big one at that.   The route was pretty much an abbreviated version of my friend Abran's Pilot Mt Payback marathon course.  I love the Sauratowns!

Totals =

Time - 8hrs7mins
Miles - 53.1
Vert - 7500'

Really happy with this weeks worth of running.  Got solid miles and solid vert in only 8hrs.  My body seemed to handle it really well and I can tell that a solid foundation has been laid going into some really sweet runs coming up the next few months.  Really wished I could have gotten out with Matt Kirk for the Grand Loop but the run in Pilot was definitely a great one and one that I don't get to do often.  Heard some goods news that another trail was being added in the park as well, which is very cool.

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