Monday, March 26, 2012

Big Creek Week XII

Mon - 46min/ 5.4m/ 500' - Fisher Farm - easy run

Tues - 0hr

Wed - 1hr58min/ 12.3m/ 2000' - Crowders - pretty good run with a Crinnacle Challenge in the middle (46:38).  Everything else easy.

Thurs - 50min/ 6m/ 400'

Fri - 0hr - driving up to Asheville

Sat - 3hr32min/ 19m/ 4000' - Big Creek Trail exploration - did a big loop with Jon that was Spencer Branch, Big Creek, MST, Trace Ridge, Spencer Branch.  The Big Creek trail was amazing and was the main reason for running this loop.  This is the ascent that we take on the Assault on Mt. Pisgah fun run and I hadn't been on it before.  Phenomenal trail!

Sun -  1st run - 69min/ 8.5m/ 500' - Warren Wilson - Phenomenal run with Adam and Mike out at the sweet trails of Warren Wilson.  Felt great and the creek soakage afterward was ideal!

         2nd run - 38min/ 4m/ 1000' - Kitsuma - impulsive dusk run on the Kitsuma trail.  Went to the second peak and back.  It was nice up on the ridge.

Totals =

Time - 8hrs47min
Miles - 54.7
Vert - 8400'

Great week!!!!  40 miles of the Bartram next week pacing Adam!!!!!!

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  1. Just got the Garmin track uploaded- Saturday's loop featured 4,025 ft of gain. Solid week!