Monday, April 1, 2013

New River Training Week 5

Mon - 60min - Yoga - Took most of the P90X yoga routine and condensed it down to 60 minutes instead of 90.  This was pretty much done by just holding each pose for 5 breaths.  In the DVD, sometimes the guy starts talking and you end up holding one side for like 10 breaths, which is why it starts to hurt so freakin bad sometimes.  Without his voice and having to wonder about what was next, it was nice to have each pose written down and do it at my own pace with my own music choice.  You can see my yoga routine under one of my tabs in my training log if you want to try it out.

Tues - 2hrs10min/ 12m/ 2100' - SOMO - Did a run and then some exploration afterward.  The route was HQ, Possum, Horseridge, Lower CCC, Upper Falls, Shinny, HQ, Little River, Raven Rock, River.  This totaled 11.5 miles and was run in a total time of 1:43:21.  I ended up running Shinny Trail to the car (3.8m) in 27 minutes and I thought I was going easy, so that is good.  After the run I went and explored a waterfall I had seen off HQ trail when heading up.  It looked to be a long way down, so I followed Shinny Creek up, wading and rock hopping, to the base of the falls.  It was a nice falls that was probably about 20 ft.  Funny how this falls is closer to the parking lot than High Shoals.

Wed - 48min/ 5m/ 50' - South Fork Trail - Didn't have much time for a run today so I headed close by to nice flat .8 mile natural surface trail near Lincolnton to do some repeats. Did out and back for a warm up and then did the first speed out in 4:42. Came back, explored a side trail that fizzled out then did another speed out in 4:53.  I could tell be the second one that my achilles wasn't ready, so I decided not to do another repeat and just cruised it back in.  On the way back I explored some other side trails that lead to no where and were really nothing but deer paths.  I was satisfied with the 2 laps, just wish I could have gotten another in.

Thurs - 45min/ 5.4m/ 500' - DART Run - Caught up with Jeff during today's DART run out on the Davidson XC trails.  Took it pretty easy to prepare for the NAR run next week.

Friday - 65min/ 6m/ 1000' - Cove Creek/ Cannery Bottom Loop - Met up with Terry Foxworth's family for a weekend of running, camping, and hanging around the fire.  Decided to check out a few trails from the campground.  This was also the first run trying out my new Ultimate Direction pack.  The trail was perfect, but my body was feeling a bit beat up.  There was an amazing waterfall during the run which was a surprise as I didn't see it on the map.

Cove Creek Falls

Sat - 3hrs45min/ 18m/ 4000' - Pisgah - Did a big loop from the campground that was Cove Creek Rd, Daniel Ridge, Farlow Gap, Art Loeb, Long Branch, Butter Gap, Cat Gap, Davidson River, Cove Creek Rd.    Decided to take it relaxed today, but obviously I pushed it on some the down hills just for fun.  Farlow Gap trail was a fantastic trail.  The trail was a nice gentle railroad grade at the beginning, but soon became more sinister with plenty of big rocks and steep pitches to the gap.  After heading over Pilot Mtn I accessed the Long Branch trail and enjoyed a fast section of single track although my energy was waning.  During one descent a long branch reached out and scraped right across my eye.  Guess that is how the trail got its name.

Running across Pilot Mtn

View from Pilot Mtn

Sun - off - farming - Went to Kevin and Kate's farm to hang out, enjoy a delicious meal, and help a bit in maintenance of some cows through helping put up a new fence and milking (first time ever).  I really appreciate Kevin and Kate opening up their home to me to visit.

Totals =

Time - 8hrs33min
Miles - 46.4
Vert - 7550'

Had a great week exploring some new places but the body was feeling run down early on.  As of right now I have a nagging quad injury that is making me a bit worried of the upcoming NAR adventure.  Hopefully it will be a non issue by Tuesday.


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