Monday, March 25, 2013

New River Training Week 4 (rest...sorta)

Mon - yoga - 90min - Really feeling good about putting this back in my training, but I might be shortening this thing down to an hour.  90 minutes is just a bit too long.

Tues - off - drove straight to Asheville afterwork to see Local Natives play at the Orange Peel.  No time to run.

Wed - 39min/ 5m/ 400' - Warren Wilson - After a late night on the town, Kevin and I finally dragged ourselves out the door to hit the trails before we had to head to work.  I didn't feel to well and am not a morning person, so this run ended up like you'd expect it to, terrible.  But the views and trails were nice and it was good to run with a friend.

Thurs - 78min/ 10.2m/ 700' - DART+ - Decided to run from Hannah's pad over to Summit to meet the DART crew.  I needed the extra miles after having a slow start to the week.  I easily jogged the 2 miles over there in about 18 minutes and then ran the Davidson XC 8k with Fam.  First time actually running with Fam.  I was near my tempo pace with him while I'm sure he was at his recovery pace.  After everyone had finished the 8k and chatted it up, I headed back to the house.   Great run!

Fri - 54min/ 6.6m/ 800' - Hobby Park - Hannah and I headed up to Winston to hang with her family this weekend, so I decided to give Abran a call to come join up for some runs.  Friday, we hit Hobby Park, known for it's steep drops, relentless climbs, and tortuous twist and turns.  I told Abran that I wanted to take it easy, but Abran's easy and mine are not the same.  Needless to say I only ran this thing 3 minutes slower than my PR on this route.  The legs were feeling pretty terrible as well.

Sat - 3hrs/ 16.5m/ 3500' - HAROC - The second run Abran and I had planned was a nice mellow and easy HAROC or Hanging Rock Challenge, a 16 mile, technical as hell, route to every major peak/rock of Hanging Rock State Park.  I created this challenge almost a year ago and was waiting to head back out there as Abran owns the FKT on the route.  We both decided to take it easy on the way to Tory's Den, but of course, Abran's easy is not my easy.  Winded and legs hurting, we made it to Cook's Wall (first split) in 49 minutes, 4 minutes faster than my previous split.  Luckily we took it kinda easy on our way to Hanging Rock, but still managed to run the next split in 73 minutes, one minute faster than last time.  After exploring the overhang that Abran had yet to go to in all his trips to the rock, we speed our way down to the base of our final climb.  Abran was flying and luckily my legs had started to feel better so I tried my best to hang on.  Then came the stairs up to Moore's Knob.  Two miles of grueling stone steps to reach the highest point in the Sauratown Mountains.  At the summit tower, I managed to cut 7 minutes off my previous split.  After soaking in the views for a minute, we both dropped down the technical ridge, and back to the smooth sailing downhill of Tory's Den trail.  I was feeling really good at this point but was not trying to put the hammer down so I could save what was left of my legs.  I still managed to run this split 9 minutes faster than last time.  I was quite astonished that I had just beaten my previous PR by 20 minutes and finished in 2:45:12.  I think that the cooler weather had a big part to do with that and the fact that I bonked on the first attempt.  I'm definitely going to have to head back out there soon to really go at it hard and see if I can take down Abran's FKT, but that would require another 14 minutes of time to shave.  Although we did waste about 2 minutes at each summit.  Either way, it was a stellar run!

Sun - off - nasty weather kept me inside enjoying some March Madness.

Totals =

Time - 5hrs51min
Miles - 38.8
Vert - 5500'

Well this was supposed to be an easier week of running on the plan, and looking at the mileage it was, but I was still supposed to run 6 days and almost all of that easy.  Instead, I ran only 4 days and almost all of that hard.  Hope the extra days of rest acted as enough recovery.

Profile of HAROC
Finally, some trendy music for your listening pleasure.  Hannah turned me onto these guys this week.

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