Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Great Eyrie Week XVII

Mon - 0hr

Tues - 0hr

Wed - 65min/ 7.3m/ 800'

Thurs - 0hr

Fri - 0hr

Sat - 4hr15min/ 16.3m/ 6000' - Was supposed to run the whole marathon loop, but I banged my leg (rectus femoris to be exact) and bruised it pretty bad on the Linville Gorge Trail.  I tried to run it off and ran a extra 13 miles on it, but it wasn't getting any better.  With the upcoming 1800' decent off of Pinnacle, I didn't think that the quad would like that and be able to make it back up Shortoff, so I threw in the towel.  Extremely disappointing considering it was my run and I was feeling extremely well energy wise. More details below.

Sun - 1hr/ 3m/ 0' - Walking to the grocery store.  Felt  like that was all I should do with the bruised quad.  Feeling better.

Totals =

Time - 6h20min
Distance - 26.6m
Vert - 6800'

Well originally I was trying to heal the foot by not running but once during the week knowing that the weekends Great Eyrie Marathon would take care of my time goal for the week.  Little did I know that I would be not completing the entirety of the run due to an unfortunate encounter with one of the old growth blow-downs on the LGT.  This was a by-product of me being extremely pissed off after the upper on my brand new shoes just ripped.  I was paying to much attention to the carnage of my shoe instead of the obvious, and I mean extremely obvious obstacle that was in my path.  I called my run short more on the basis of wanting to run next week instead of finishing a run that will always be there.  It was a tough decision considering I was feeling great after 16 miles.  Congratulations to Jeremy Waldrop and Brian Kistner for toughing it out and finishing in a great time of sub 8hrs.  Really hated that I didn"t get to join them for the rest of the way.  Good news it that the leg is feeling better today and should be fine for running on this coming week.

Group at Tablerock

Levitating Asa

Shoe carnage

Myself and Jeremy at the first aid


  1. Bummer about the new shoe... looks like you're not the only one though-

    'Don't know if you know about arnica for bruising? Personally I like the brand Boiron best.

  2. Yea I saw the damage that joe had to his shoe. At least mine are still runable in and actually improve breathability.