Monday, April 23, 2012

Garden of Eden Week XVI

Mon - 0hr - rest

Tues - 0hr - laziness and the calf was feeling tweaky

Wed - 100min/ 9m/ 2000' - Crowders - Just my favorite 9 mile route in the park.  Out back from the visitor center on Turnback/ Pinnacle/ Ridgeline trails with one summit of Kings Pinnacle.  It was foggy, about 65 degrees, and perfect.  Really love coming out here on Wednesdays!

Thurs - 50min/ 5.1m/ 300' - Latta Plantation - Really was feeling sub-par today and the foot was giving quite some pain.  I guess the mostly gravel surface didn't really help it.  Depending on how this weekend goes, I might be taking most of next week off to just go ahead nip this foot pain in the butt.  Very frustrating.

Fri - 0hr - Was planning on running up Eden Rock with Mad A but are plans got botched and we just hung out.  We'll tackle it this weekend though.

Sat - AM - 110min/ 10m/ 2700' - Eden Rock - Mad A, Andrew and I headed up to check out the views from Eden Rock and then explore after the infamous decent off the back side of Eden Rock.  The run was a blast and beautiful.  There were scenic vistas, gorgeous wildflowers, and a million crazy jumping crickets!  Seriously, the shear amount of crickets was insane.  I though we were running through a biblical plague or something!

         PM - 70min/ 8m/ 1800' - Greens Lick Loop - After this mornings run I was feeling great and thought to myself why not get in another phenomenal mountain run in after purchasing a new pair of MT 110's at the local Discount Shoe store.  This loop out at Bent Creek was perfect and climbed steadily for the first 3.5 miles.  Once I reached the awesome downhill on Greens Lick trail, the bottom feel out of the sky and it proceeded to dump on me all the way down this 2.2 mile section.   The trail turned into a stream and I was having a way too much fun splashing and sliding down the trail.  It was a pure jovial experience.  The foot felt good even after this second run of the day which is very encouraging.

Sun - AM - 55min/ 5m/ 1200' - Kitsuma - Nice easy wet run with Matt Kirk. 

         PM - 85min/ 8m/ 2200' - High Top/ High Windy - Scramblicious!

Totals =

Time - 7.6hrs
Dist. - 45.1m
Vert - 10,200'

Well my foot was kinda feeling crummy this week and I missed quite a few days of running, but I really made up for it on the weekend by running doubles.  I had a blast and the body felt really well.  Icing the foot after each run was money and allowed me to handle the steep downhills of this week.  The vert total for the week really surprised me as it is the most I have had all year with similar mileage, but much quicker total time for the week.  Actually looking at it, other than the run at Latta, every run had significant elevation gain!  Needless to say, I am feeling really good about my abilities going into next weekends Great Eyrie Marathon!  I will however be only running one day prior to the run as to make sure the foot is ready to tackle that beast and that run will probably be only around an hour in duration.  Hopefully some solid icing will get rid of the little bit of tendinitis going on down there. 

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