Monday, April 16, 2012

Wet 'n' Wild Week XV

Mon - Camping on Cape Lookout National Seashore

Tues - 40min/ 4.5m/ 0' - Cape Lookout - beautiful mid-day run on the beach with the wind for the first half and then against a steady 15mph on the way back.  That counts as hill, right? haha.  Still a bit under the weather.

Wed - 0hr - driving back after a windy and sandy last night on the Outer Banks

Thurs - 64min/ 7.5m/ 600' - Laurel Bluff/ Reedy Fork Loop - my favorite shorter loop on the Greensboro Watershed Trails.  Still getting over the cold.  Back to the mountains tomorrow!!!

Fri - 50min/ 4.5m/ 1100' - Hunt Fish Falls - quick little run down to Hunt Fish Falls on the MST in the Wilson Creek Area.  Jumping into the frigid swimming hole was quite shocking to the body!

Sat - 4hr/ 16.5m/ 4000' - Wilson Creek Waterfall Run - Stephen and I ran from our campsite to Little Lost Cove Cliffs, down the N. Harper Creek Trail past N. Harper Falls and Bard Falls, and down Harper Creek Trail to Harper Creek Falls where we hung out for a good hour waiting for the sun to come out so we could take a swim, but it never showed.  Stephen still jumped in though and it was quite comical.  Then we went up the Yellow Buck Trail back to the car.  Phenomenal run!

Sun - 2hr/ 7.5m/ 2500' - Rock Jock Trail - Loved every bit of running my favorite trail in the Linville Gorge.  I believe Stephen was quite impressed with depth and beauty of Linville.

Totals =

Time - 8.5hr
Distance - 40.5m
Vert - 8200'

I have to say that this week wasn't great just looking at the numbers (mileage wise that is), but it was one of the more fun weeks I've had in awhile.  I was suffering from a pretty nasty cold the whole week, but I didn't let it break my plans even though it may have slowed my pace a bit.  Monday, Hannah and I, along with her sister, her brother, and her sister's boyfriend went and camped out for two nights on Cape Lookout National Seashore.  I was planning on running a bit more while out there on the Outer Banks, but my cold was in roughest part and the 4.5 mile run was a chore, even though it was quite refreshing.  I enjoyed a nice run in Greensboro after returning from the coast and on Friday headed over to the Wilson Creek Area for some more camping, running, and potential swimming with my cousin Stephen.  Friday's run down to Hunt Fish Falls was a blast and the leap into the frigid waters had myself and Stephen talking like Scooby-Do.  It was quite a shock and hysterical!  Saturday's run was beautiful and relaxed past gorgeous falls and short,  but steep peaks.  Stephen and I were having such a good time, that we decided to camp another night, but this time in the near by Linville Gorge Wilderness to run the wild and scenic Rock Jock Trail on the western rim of the gorge.  The gorge is one of my favorite of all places and anytime is a good time to be there.  On a side note, the foot did hurt most of the week, but no more than it had the previous week and long runs definitely don't seem to make it worse.  Really confused as to what the actual problem is, but I feel like going to the doc would just be a waist of time as they would just subscribe RICE, which I am already doing.  Oh well, hopefully it improves in the near future.  Enjoy the pics from this week below!

Sunset on Cape Lookout at our campsite

Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Hannah and I

View from Rock Jock

Stephen at Zen Point

View from Zen Point

Tire swing, not gay

Linville Falls

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  1. Brandon, Sorry to miss out on some tire swing action, but was out on a field trip with the 9th graders in the Smokies when I got your message. Sweet week!