Thursday, April 12, 2012

Weak Week XIV

Mon - Rest

Tues - 36min/ 4.5m/ 200' - Latta Plantation - felt blah

Wed - 47min/ 6m/ 600' - Fisher Farm - blah

Thurs - 0hr - foot hurt

Fri - 0hr - foot hurt

Sat - 100min/ 12m/ 800' - Triple Lakes Half course - Great run with Stephen.  Felt good and the foot didn't bother me until I hit pretty solidly on a root a mile from the finish.  Oh well, icing should help.

Sun - 50min/ 3.5m/ 100' - Chatfield Trail - I woke up with a sore throat and just trying to breath in during this run was killing it so Stephen and I walked.  Very disappointing end to week.

Totals =

Time - 3hr50min
Miles - 26
Vert - 1700'

Wow! Extremely disappointing week other than Saturday's run.  Hopefully, next week I can get it back on schedule if the foot heals up and the cold doesn't persist for long.  Blah!!!!

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