Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2012 1st Quarter Review & 2nd Quarter Preview

This has been a phenomenal 1st quarter of the year in regards to running.  So far I have kept up my New Year's Resolution to at least log 8hrs a week of running/hiking.  Most of that has been running and that is the plan.  The hiking is only for recovery reasons when I am feeling pretty weak and it has worked out well the few times I've done it so far this year.  My training runs during the weekend have been spot on and I am getting in around 25-35 miles on the weekend alone, which has helped a ton in feeling less crappy at the end of long runs.  Needless to say, I feel very confident in my running so far and can tell in just these three months how much I have improved.  This consistency has also revealed a light onto my weaknesses and I will be tackling those this next quarter.  That being late stage climbing.  Here are the numbers:

Time ~ 110 hours
Distance ~ 650 miles
Vertical ~ 102,000 ft

Looking towards the next three months, my schedule is almost already fully booked.  I'll start it off with some nice coastal running in the Outer Banks after Easter which is going to be phenomenal.  The following weeks see a busy line-up of fun runs with the WNC crew including:  the 2nd Annual Pisgah Camping and Running Weekend, The Great Eirye MarathonCinco De Mayo Sombrero Extravaganza7th Annual May Mountain Mama's Half, Assault on Pisgah, and the 6th Annual RAM.  That is the fun planned!  Happy trails!!!!  Below are a few pics from last Saturday's run with Matt up to Bald Knob!  Photo cred to Matt.

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