Sunday, December 30, 2012

Uwharrie Training Week 3

Mon - 68min/ 7.5m/ 500' - Watershed Trails - Favorite loop of Reedy Fork and Lauren Bluff Trails.  Did this one with Stephen back home from the Air Force.  I felt pretty crappy due to ALTAR a couple days prior.

Tues - 29min/ 3.8m/ 300' - Ardmore - Wasn't sure if I was going to get out or not, but I finally made the decision to at least get a short run around the neighborhood in Winston.

Wed - 41min/ 5.2m/ 400' - Owl's Roost Trail - Cold and wet run on an old favorite with Stephen.  Started off casual, but went tempo for the last 3 just to stay a bit warmer.  Bumped into Charlie Engle near the end of the run.  Cool dude.

Thurs - 80min/ 8.5m/ 700' - Piedmont Environmental Center - Never even knew this place existed until Matt told me about it about a month back.  Finally checked it out and was pleasantly surprised.  The Deep River trail was excellent and this place is only 20 minutes from my parents place which is nice.

Fri - 70min/ 9m/ 400' - Northeast Park - Visited another old favorite for a steady state run.  It was strange running through what was once a clear cut 5 years ago and know is becoming a healthy pine forest.  Pretty neat to see the change happening.

Sat - 2hr35min/ 15.5m/ 1000' - Lakeside 25k course - Great lollipop loop out at on the Watershed trails in Greensboro.  I felt really tired today and then decided to take no water or food on this outing.  This made for a long second half of the run.  Oh well.

Sun - 47min/ 5.5m/ 400' - Fisher Farm - Back home and did a shake out run on the standard loop at Fisher.  Felt a lot better than yesterday but still decided to call it a bit short instead of pushing for some arbitrary number to round out the weeks mileage.

Total =

Time - 8hrs10min
Miles - 55
Vert - 3,550'

After last weeks beatdown at ALTAR, I decided to take advantage of being back home for Christmas and stay on the flats.  My knees were having issues during push off on steep climbs so I think the lower vert total is fine.  I had some really solid runs this week were I felt really strong (Wed and Fri), but most of the other days I felt really tired and beat up.  Hopefully a day off will revive me and get me back on the right track.  What a great year of running it has been.

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