Sunday, January 6, 2013

Uwharrie Training Week 4

Mon - off

Tues - 1hr/ 6.2m/ 500' - Fisher Farm - Nasty weather lead to lack of motivation to complete the days workout of 14 hill repeats.  Ended up doing only 4 repeats and then just jogged the rest of the time.

Wed - 57min/ 7.5m/ 1000' - Hick City Park - Great tempo run out at my loop in the park.  After the first 1.5 mile I got a cramp in my side and was having some acid reflux issues which slowed me down a bit for a couple of miles, but I was able to get it back together in the end and only missed my fastest time by 10 seconds.  Ran the last 1.5 mile greenway section about 40 seconds faster than ever before!

Thurs - 46min/ 5.6m/ 300' - Davidson - Great run with the DART group in and around the residential areas of Davidson.  Really enjoying these runs.

Fri- off - preparing for Tanawha tomorrow

Sat - 7hrs31min/ 32m/ 7000' - Tanawha 50k - Superb run on my old stomping grounds.  More info below

Sun - 35min/ 4m/ 300' - Davidson XC - Good to get back out on the Davidson XC trails for a much needed shakeout run after yesterdays run.  Was surprised with how well my legs felt.  Not saying they felt great, but much better than expected.

Totals =

Time - 10hrs49min
Miles - 55.3
Vert - 9,100'

This week was pretty solid and the Tanawha Trail Runs went extremely well.  We had twenty people at the start and the weather turned out perfect, although a bit cold in the first hour.  My run went well and I had company the entire time, unlike ALTAR a few weeks ago.  The climb up to Calloway Peak was quite the adventure.  More than half of the Scout Trail was ice covered and all those that were going up to the summit were beginning to get worried that the trail would only get worse and that the ladders near the peak would be completely covered in ice.  Non of us had spikes but we kept pushing through, going around the ice covered scrambles and eventually making it to the ladders.  Miraculously, the ladders were free of ice except a couple of steps and we made it to the summit.  The views were extraordinary and I was amazed that we were able to make it up to the summit.  The rest of the run went well and taking the parkway partially around the boulder field section of the Tanawha on the way back was a great idea.  Doug gave us some flack for that one, but I was happy with the choice.  After the run, most of us headed over to Canyons to grub down, have a few drinks, and talk about our adventures.  Another great run, with even greater people.

Click on the picture below to view photos of the Tanawha Trail Runs.

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