Sunday, January 13, 2013

Uwharrie Training Week 5

Mon - 69min/ 7m/ 1600' - SOMO - Decided to explore some trails out at South Mountains and was very pleased.  The route was River, Little River, Upper CCC, Sawtooth, Chestnut Knob, River.

Tues - off - stuck at a staff meeting

Wed - off - lazy

Thurs - 74min/ 8.7m/ 600' - Davidson - Great run with the DART group around the neighborhoods of Davidson.  Got there a bit early and did 3 miles on the college trails before joining the group.  The last half of the run I was feeling pretty good so Chad and I pushed the pace a little.

Fri - off - life

Sat - 3hr24min/ 20m/ 3500' - Uwharrie - Hannah and I meet up with a few other loonies that wanted to run the entire length of the Uwharrie Trail.  I was wanting to use this run as a gauge of what to expect to run on the out portion of the 40 mile in 3 weeks.  I planned to see how fast I could just run the 20 and base my race paces off that.  Unfortunately I didn't get the gauge I was wanting.  I expected that I could at least run this in 3:15, but I pushed and pushed and only came in at 3:24.  This is only 1 minute faster than when I ran the out portion in the 40 2 years ago.  I felt like that was perfect back then, but today I was wiped out.  Hopefully that is due to a hard 50k last weekend and a tempo run on Thursday.  If not, sub 7 hrs is looking really tough in a few weeks time.  It was unseasonably warm today and very humid so that could have had an effect as well.  Regardless it was a great training run.

Sun - 82min/ 9m/ 900' - Lake Norman - Headed out to run a new trail in the park, the Wildlife Loop.  To access the loop by trail requires a 2.8 mile run on the Laurel Loop.  I was feeling pretty sluggish the entire run due to yesterday's outing but somehow managed to keep a descent pace.  Instead of taking the 2.8 mile Laurel loop back, I hit Wildlife Rd instead to make the return trip shorter by about 1.5 mile.  The trail is pretty nice, but runs through a pine forest and reminds you of running closer to the coast.

Totals =

Time - 7hrs9min
Miles - 44.7
Vert - 6600'

Took quite a few days off this week but I was planning on this week to be a bit of a rest week and I think it all worked out.  Big miles coming next, then time for a taper.


  1. No worries on the time at Uwharrie. Don't underestimate what some rest and race day excitement can do, keep it up.

  2. I think I saw you around the 8 mile marker... Where you just carrying a single handheld for the whole 20, or did you have support somewhere? I was in a running pack as I ran 23 unsupported...

    1. Yea that was me. I had a gallon of water stashed at 109 and 4 gels in my pockets, but nothing other than that. So just two bottles for the whole 20. I'll be planning on at least 3 bottles for each half during the race as well as calories every 30 min instead of 45 min today.

    2. Good luck on your attempt at a sub 7:00! I broke 8:00 last year but I don't know if I'll be able to do that again or not!

  3. Rest will do you well, no doubt. Great runs, too. Thats awesome that a new loop opened up at Lake Norman. Do I see a Lake Loops 50k in the future??

  4. woot woot, Lake Norman 50K....

  5. There better be a Lake Norman 50k soon, because there is over 40 miles of trail at that park now. It would be a pretty fast 50k too, but not overly easy. I would venture to say that it would have at least 3000' of gain.