Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Uwharrie Training Week 6

Mon - 0h - off

Tues - 69min/ 7.8m/ 1000' - Hickory City Park - nice relaxed easy run in nasty rainy weather

Wed - 84min/ 10.4m/ 1500' - Crowders - Great workout today.  Ran out of Linwood following Backside/ Crowders/ Turnback/ Fern/ Lake Loop x3/ Fern/ Turnback/ Crowders/ Backside.  Did this run as  3.5x2 tempo run.  Started with a 1.2 mile warm-up then tempo on 2 miles of the Crowders continuing down to the lake for one loop.  Then it was a one loop around the lake rest, and then the same tempo section of the way back to the car.  The tempo section splits were 24:31 and 26:55 (more uphill on the way back)

Thurs - 36min/ 4.7m/ 350' - DART Run - Super wet and cold run with the DART group.  I can't believe there were 3 other people that showed up tonight.

Fri - 52min/ 5.5m/ 800' - Hickory City Park - nice easy relaxed run with Hannah before we drove up the Asheville for the weekend.

Sat -

AM - 2hrs21min/ ~10m/ 2500' - Little Pisgah - Phenomenal run!  Got out with Mad A, Action, Brew, Isaiah, and William for a run up to the bald summit and 360 degree views from this local mountain gem.  I really don't think that I've seen a better view in NC.   Paces varied all day from super relaxed to downhill sprint.  It was a great time and I have some pictures below.

PM - 50min/ 2.5m/ 300' - Warren Wilson - Hannah and I did a short beautiful hike at the WWC trail system about 1.5 miles from Mad A's pad before we headed down to Brevard to stay with the Kirks.

Sun - 4hrs20min/ 23m/ 4500' -  Plutonathonish - Hannah and I stayed in Brevard with the Grand Kirk and Lily Saturday and Sunday nights and Matt and I got out for an abbreviated version of his Plutonathon route which summits the 3 main granite pluton monoliths in the Pisgah National Forest.  The abbreviated version cut out the iconic Looking Glass Rock, but the training plan and the legs were not ready for a 30 mile day.  We started and ended this run from Matts house in Brevard.  The weather was perfect and after the long climb up the new Bracken Mtn trail we were soon on top of Johns Rock enjoying our first pluton view.  Then it was onward to the highlight of the whole route, which is the scramble up the face of Cedar Rock.  The recent week of rain had left the rock face mostly wet and made the scramble a bit sketchy, but Matt, Uwharrie, and myself all managed to get to the top without any incident.  I am not really much of a climber, but I love scrambling up to class 3 and lower 4 routes. This climb was mostly a 3 with some 4's thrown in for good measure.  After soaking in the views for awhile, we started heading back down to Matt's house on another beautiful trail, i Just down remember the name of it.  Great run!

Totals =

Time -  11hrs26min
Miles - 63.9
Vert - 10,950'
Summit of Little Pisgah
cred: Isaiah Mosteller

Laughter Mtn Rd
cred: Isaiah Mosteller

Looking at Mt Mitchell
cred: Isaiah Mosteller

The bald we headed up
cred: Isaiah Mosteller

Short break from the climb up the Bracken Mt Trail
cred:  Matt Kirk

View From John Rock
cred: Matt Kirk

Scrambling the first pitch up Cedar Rock
cred:  Matt Kirk

View from Cedar Rock w/ me scrambling
cred:  Matt Kirk

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